One year and counting….

One year ago yesterday Nick and I were married in Columbia, South Carolina. Since only his parents were there to witness it, let me paint a picture for you. Nick was graduating from basic training. His parents and I attended the graduation ceremony in the morning then headed for the courthouse to get our marriage license. Then, we went to this lady’s apartment and she married us in the lobby of the building while wearing a lovely outfit of pink velor!

Nick and I spent 4 hours together, then he had to go back to the barracks. The next morning, I took a taxi and met him at the airport where I said goodbye to him for the next three months.
I then rented a car and went on “our honeymoon” to Charleston SC, very cute town, too bad for Nick that he missed it!

When I think back to a year ago it makes me laugh…what an awkward situation! I was nervous to tell people that I had gotten married because it was so last minute, we pretty much eloped! I always said I would elope but I never really believed it! But having been around other military families over the past year, I’ve learned that it’s not that uncommon to get married quickly and not see each other for awhile…and to have a reception nearly a year later.

Anyhow, it’s been a great year, we’ve seen and done so many neat things here on the East coast together, furnished and decorated our first home together, learned how to carpool, learned how to get along day to day, found out funny quirks about each other that we never knew, laughed, cried, got a puppy…and in May we’ll have a little bundle of joy to turn our world upside down. Happy one year anniversary to us! I love you baby!

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