D.C. Shootoff and other news

This weekend was the D.C. Shootoff, a photo competition for military and DOD photographers held near Washington D.C. Friday we had lectures all day from famous photographers and developers such as Martin Gisborne from Apple’s Aperture team, Bill Putnam, Greg Hren (a famous commercial photographer), Bill Frakes (a staff photographer for Sports Illustrated with some amazing work), and Micheal Williamson from the Washington Post and three time Pulitzer Prize winner. I really enjoyed what they all had to say, especially Micheal Williamson. After the lectures a topic for the competition was pulled out of the hat. The rules are that within 24 hours you turn in 3-5 images that tell a story. This year’s theme was “Commitment.”

After thinking about a lot of different ideas for this topic and talking to friends and family, my Mom suggested I photograph some nuns, but none of the convents would allow me to come, so Jen suggested the missionaries and I thought it was brilliant. My photos ended up getting Second place in my division, which is a pretty big deal for me. Here are the photos:

“Illustrative of Mormon missionaries Jason Anderson and Joseph Broadhead studying their scriptures before beginning their day in their apartment in Severn Maryland on March 14th, 2009. Mormon missionaries devote two years of their lives to to teaching people about their religion.”

“Illustrative of Mormon missionaries Joseph Broadhead and Jason Anderson riding their bikes in Severn Maryland on March 14th, 2009.”

“Illustrative of Mormon missionaries Joseph Broadhead and Jason Anderson conversing with Jennifer Lloyd at a home in Severn Maryland on March 14th, 2009.”

“Illustrative of Mormon missionaries Joseph Broadhead and Jason Anderson walking from house to house in Severn Maryland on March 14th, 2009.”

Anyway, I won some cool stuff including a bag from Nikon, a $50 gift certificate from B&H which is a website that has all kinds of photo equipment, a photo holder, and some fine art photo paper. Also, the D.C. Shootoff T-shirt was pretty cool this year. Here’s a photo of me with my swag:

It was a fun and informative weekend.

Speaking of missionaries….Jen and I are also excited that her brother Tyson gets back from his mission to the Phillipines on the 30th of this month. Her other brother Cody leaves for his mission to the Ukraine on July 15th! Yay for missionaries!

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  1. Great Pics! Congratulations!

    Adam has a cousin Tyson who went to the Philipines on his mission and Adam and his brother went to Ukraine. Cool places. Great missions.

    I feel like I haven’t seen you guys in forever. We need to hang out.

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