Mount Rushmore in the daytime

We got up this morning and had to choose between two places to eat, we chose the “All American Restaraunt” where we were served by a strange girl that didn’t seem to friendly but then while waiting for our food she came out and asked to hold Jonah.

Then we headed up to see Mount Rushmore. It was much better in the day time. We did the presidential trail and rented a little recording you could listen to about Mount Rushmore. They carved it mostly using explosives. The artist, Gutzon Borglum, was 60 something when they started working on it and everyone thought he was crazy and didn’t want him to do it. But then they saw how awesome it was and they started to like it. He died a few weeks before the final dedication. They carved from 1927 to 1941 with a few injuries but surprisingly no fatalities…this really surprised me considering the equipment they were using to hang down the rock cliff and they were using explosives…pretty amazing no one died.

They have this really cool entry way as you walk up to Mount Rushmore. The place is set up for LOTS of people, apparently in the summer they get 3 million visitors in 3 months!!! We were glad to be there without any crowds. Plus our hotel was half the price of what they charge in the summer!

Since I had Nick’s camera with me I decided that Mount Rushmore was a good time to bust it out. So I practiced getting the settings right and took a few good shots. It was fun…but I definitely need more practice!

After Mount Rushmore we were on the road again, this time on our way to Pompey’s pillar, the only physical evidence of Lewis and Clarks journey near Billings MT. We made it to Billings and stayed at a Motel 6 where Zoey had her first accident…pretty good considering all the travel and unfamiliar places.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICK! Sorry I can’t be with you this year but I am thinking of you!

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