Pompey’s Pillar and home!

Thursday morning we got up and ate at the Cracker Barrel then drove out to Pompey’s pillar, 30 miles East of Billings. William Clark wrote his name in the rock of Pompey’s pillar. It is the only physical evidence of their journey. A few years ago when they had the bicentennial of Lewis and Clark they built a huge visitor’s center for Pompey’s pillar but apparently it’s only open in the summer. So we had to walk aways to get into the pillar cuz the gate was closed. It was cold and rainy but it still felt good to walk after all this car riding.

Then we headed off on the home stretch. The roads were pretty bad around Butte, there was a lot of snow and cars off the road here and there. It was especially scary when a car would pass us and the slush would splash up on us so that we couldn’t see for awhile….scary!

Right before lookout pass and the Idaho border we stopped at the 50,000 silver dollar bar. As the name implies they have 50,000 silver dollars all over the walls of the bar. It was kinda neat. People donate a dollar and get to put their name and date under it.

We rolled into Moscow Idaho at about 10 pm. It feels so strange to be here. Thank you Dad for a wonderful road trip and for helping get across the country with a baby and a dog!

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