I’m afraid of mice!

Ok so I’ve always considered myself pretty tough when it comes to mice…I’m not a screamer. That doesn’t mean that I particularly like mice, I just don’t scream when I see one. And I have seen plenty. (Actually I even had a pet mouse when I was little…) SO my parents left me in charge of everything while they are gone, which includes cleaning out the mouse traps at the store. Well wouldn’t you know it, the first day they are gone there is not one but two mice caught at the store.

I went to find one of the traps and it wasn’t there. I looked around and several feet away, there it was, with a mouse’s butt in it. The mouse had ran away with it. Well I was sure it was dead so I reached down to grab it and take it outside. It’s little eyes suddenly opened and he started squirming. AAAAAAH! If there was ever a time to scream this was it…but I had customers in the store so I had to keep it together. (Usually people don’t come in right when we open but on this day three cars pulled up as I unlocked). I stood there shaking, trying to pull myself together and get this mouse out of there before anyone saw it….yuck. Finally I got up the courage and took him outside. But i couldn’t finish him off…I just couldn’t do it. I thought maybe he could live…but he died.

Unlike this mouse….

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  1. Jen! I'm keeping up with you on here, even though I don't comment much. You're such a tough girl – in more ways than one!

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