2 years on 2/22

Happy Anniversary to us! 2 years and counting. I love you so much Nicholas, no matter what! Maybe next year we’ll be together on our anniversary!

Two years ago today we got married under less than perfect conditions. It was not the wedding I had always dreamed of. But I have since realized that the wedding is not the important part, the marriage is. And while I do not profess to have a perfect marriage, I can tell you that it just keeps getting better and better. Nick, you are so good to me and for me. You are kind, loving, funny, gentle, a good father, handsome, intelligent and talented. You are my better half in so many ways. I am terrible at telling you how much I love you, but I do. I love you. Happy anniversary babe! And when you get back, we are gonna take that long awaited HONEYMOON!!! I can’t wait.

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