My projects…

While Nick is away I have decided that I need to have lot’s of projects to keep me busy. So I have set some goals for myself of things that I want to accomplish. They are as follows:

1. Learn to quilt and complete a quilt
2. Master a new piece on the violin
3. Train for and run in the Couer D’Alene triathlon in July
4. Catch up on my scrapbooking
5. Learn some Spanish
6. Learn how to use Nick’s camera (I signed up for a class that starts next month!)
7. Read a book a month
8. Cook something new once a week

So far I have started working on all of these except the cooking…sorry Mom! I need to start helping cook more often around here!

Here is the beginning of my quilt: (it still needs a border, back and then the hard part, quilting it)

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  1. I love it! I am excited to see the finished project…I still have a quilt top that needs a back and a border and um to be finished…hopefully yours goes faster than mine!

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