My adventures as a wedding photographer

Tyson and Olivia were married in the Rexburg Idaho temple. They hired a photographer for their reception in Helena, and asked me if I would take some photos as the temple. I have been attempting to learn how to use Nick’s camera, but taking photos that actually really matter to someone was a whole different ballgame.

Weddings are tough, I have so much respect for you wedding photographers. I’m sure it gets easier…but man it was hard. Let me tell you about some of my challenges: first off the Rexburg temple is very difficult to photograph. It is super tall and the grounds are very small. To get any good amount of the temple in your photo, you have to go across the street to the wheat field or in the parking lot. Which it took me awhile to figure out, first I got really frustrated. Then there are the people….organizing them, getting them to listen and trying to meet everyone’s needs while working the camera at the same time.

Here are a few of my better photos… (with editing help from my dear Nick)(oh and don’t judge my group photo, I wasn’t even the one taking the photo plus groups are super hard…)

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  1. You did great Jen for your first wedding! They are EXTREMELY HARD! I dread every time Mark asks me to help- and that's just as an assistant! Way to go! I love the dip and kiss shot, the b&w, and the last one from the waist down- all very cute!

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