Moscow Reception

The sign in table, look at my mom’s beautiful yard.

The amazing candy buffet…sooo much candy.
Even the drinks were green and pink.
The green cupcakes were the best, the frosting was lime. Check out the cupcake stand; my creative mother glued some vases and plates together…everything was glass, so pretty.
Some guests enjoying the food. Yes they are all wearing sweaters, and no it’s not just because they are old. It was actually REALLY cold that night, sadly.
The kids’ party. Aren’t they cute?
And of course the happy, freezing, couple. ( I believe she has three jackets on…) They look so happy here because after four days of wedding and traveling, they are now officially free to go on their honeymoon!
The amazing hands that created the beautiful reception. (With of course the muscles of some awesome men to help put up lights, carry food in and out, put up trellis’, and take it all down again.) But seriously…I watched these hands plant and care for flowers all summer long, tie many many bows of pink and green, arrange everything just so and so much more. She is amazing.

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