My crazy month

Over the past month we have been traveling, a lot. So I am going to slowly catch up on everything that we did. I will be back dating the posts. I am not sure how that will effect those of you that receive my posts via email…you may or may not get them. But you can always get onto the actual blog to see my posts.

Here is a preview of my month:
Aug 2nd: Drove from Moscow to Boise
Aug 3rd: Drove from Boise to Provo
Aug 4th-5th: Hanging out with the Lloyd family preparing for Natalie & David’s wedding
Aug 6th-7th: Natalie & David get married, reception in Provo and one in Richfield, UT
Aug 8th-9th: Patiently waiting for Nick (found out he would be able to come on Tuesday rather than Saturday so we did some plane ticket swapping.)
Aug 11th-13th: Johnson family reunion
Aug 16th-24th: Nick and I drive across the country and get moved in to our house in Maryland while Jonah hangs out with the Lloyds.
Aug 24th: I fly back to SLC and Lloyds drive Jonah and I to Rexburg
Aug 25th: My family arrives in Rexburg for Olivia’s temple going
Aug 26th: Tyson and Olivia get married, lunch in Idaho Falls, drive to Helena MT arrive at hotel at 1 am
Aug 27th: Reception in a HUGE old barn in Helena (where Olivia is from) Drive to Moscow afterwards…arrive there at 4 AM, go dad
Aug 28th: Reception at my parents in Moscow, beautiful but very cold
Aug 31st: Jonah and I fly home to Maryland


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