Our latest living quarters

Welcome to our home! That’s us, right on the end. Our front door is on the end and you can see the stairs going down to our basement door. Also, on the front of the building is a door that goes right into our kitchen. These homes were originally officer housing and were redone about 8 months ago. I think they are so cute…
This picture is standing in the same place as the other one, looking the other way. You can see where we park the car, (right up next to our house, most people aren’t this lucky…plus no one else ever seems to park here!) and you can see the playground off in the distance and a little further away is the water fountain that was recently randomly installed in that big grassy field (they had an excess in the budget and had to use it, your tax dollars at work).
Our back door.
When you walk in the front door (on the end of the building) this is what you see. The stair case is straight ahead of you and the living room is off to your right.
The living room. (Viewed from the dining room, to the right is where you would enter from, there is also a half bath straight across from the shoe shelf thing, next to the stairs) See the windows in the entry way? They face a major road and Jonah loves to stand there and say “CAR!” every time a car passes, see his little stool?

The dining room, viewed from the living room. (Entry to the kitchen on the left there. You can see the light on the floor coming in from the door to the back yard/patio)
The kitchen. (Just past the fridge on the left is a door that leads to the basement).

And I will post the upstairs tomorrow…maybe. If I get around to it.

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