The upstairs…

As you get to the top of the stairs this is what you see, Jonah’s full bath on your left and his room on your right.

His bathroom is a bit small to take an overall photo of…but here are a few fun details. I can’t remember who gave us the truck towels but they are sooo appropriate since Jonah’s favorite thing is cars/trucks. He says “car” all day long.

And Jonah’s room. This is my attempt to remake the beautiful tree that Grandma Woodbury painted for us in our last house. Instead of doing two bright green tones I decided to use a very light blue and green…what do you think? I need to get a little bit more blue paint and I’m going to continue the tree onto the green wall only in blue. (Still need to hang some pictures on the other walls too.)
This is Jonah refusing to take a nap. Good times. I love the ABC floor mat thing. Except when he starts taking it apart.
At the top of the stairs make a sharp right and parallel to the stairs is this hallway to our bedroom/bathroom. Notice the wonderful big closet on the left.
Funny thing about this bathroom…because we are on the end, they decided that instead of giving us two sinks (like the middle units get) they would give us a bonus window. Notice where that bonus window is though…right behind the toilet. Neighbors beware…sometimes we do forget that it’s open! (I know, I know, I shouldn’t even open it, but Jonah likes to stand on the toilet and look out while I’m getting ready.) Shower on the left, big closet on the right that you can’t see.
And our bedroom…I have a bit of a dilemma here. The goal is to have a nice beach resorty bedroom (not tacky…like nice resort by the beach, soothing) I just got this thing from bed bath and beyond..bug net thingy. What do you think? Yay or nay?
LOVE the jute rug from Lowes (military discount, booyah). And also the green is leftover from Jonah’s room…I am still looking for something to hold those sticks in the corner.
On the right you see another bonus window for being on the end. Also you can see some paint colors that we considered.
Alright now here is why I am considering the bug net thing. I wanted to do some nice breezy, gauzy curtains. BUT…the bed cannot be centered on the windows, due to the closet door that opens up on the left side of the bed (you can’t see it, but its over there) So I feel like curtains would emphasize the uneven-ness. SO…if the bug net thing is too tacky, does anyone have some good ideas for me?
The end.

3 Replies to “The upstairs…”

  1. Yea for pictures! I am so impressed with your tree. Mine would not be so impressive… I don't think the bug net looks bad, but does it get annoying at night? That would be my concern. Otherwise I think its a good alternative. However, if you were going to do light gauzy curtains I don't think it would emphasize the off centerness (yes it is a word) of the bed…

  2. I think your house is very well decorated, well done. I personally love the net—but I'm horrible at decorating. Don't believe me? Come on over for a visit and you'll see.

    My favorite is 1) the bedroom tree. lovely. 2) Jonah's little stool. adorable.

  3. Everything looks wonderful! I love the paint colors and the color of the bedspread. Your house looks light and cheerful! I'm going to have to come for a visit. Watch out!

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