Run Nick Run

For the third year in a row Nick competed in the Army Ten Miler, starting at the Pentagon and running ten miles around the national mall. This year he was sick, so he added a few minutes from last years time, but overall he still kicked booty. 1:18:20.

Do you see Nick? 30,000 runners compete every year.
See all the guys in the tree line peeing??! Gross. Oh and there’s Nick…

Nick and his buddy Rob before the race…looks just like last years picture.
The only picture I managed to snap of Nick racing in to the finish…(sadly I couldn’t get in close enough to the finish line to get a better photo due to the fact that I decided to bring Jonah’s stroller so I wouldn’t have to carry him and a bum was following us around trying to steal stuff out of the stroller.) But check out the pain in that face…he threw up at mile seven and kept on going. Way to finish babe!

Cute Jonah.

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