Happy Halloween!

What can you do with an old hoodie? Make an octopus costume! I wish I’d had a different color because several people did think he was a lobster…but other than that I think it turned out cute.

At first Jonah was running around the ward trunk R’ treat like a crazy octopus. Then he managed to stop at one of the trunks and realized they would give him things. He was super excited by this. So excited, that he took his prize to the far outskirts of the parking lot to sit and enjoy before going in for another one. Very cute.

2 Replies to “Happy Halloween!”

  1. Oh, Jonah is the cutest! He is just like his dad at that age. Nicholas just wanted to go home after he got his first treat at the first house. I figured out that he just wanted to eat that one piece of candy. The costume is darling Jen! Way to be so creative!

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