Buon Giorno from Italia! We made it. Jonah and I got in at 1 am Tuesday night/Wednesday morning from Idaho. Wednesday at noon we headed off for Dulles airport. The flight from DC to Frankfurt was about 7 1/2 hrs (we had a strong tail wind otherwise it would have been 8). Did we sleep? Jonah slept the first two hours while we watched a movie, then he refused to sleep the rest of the time so we did not get much sleep.

Now picture this, you’ve been up all night and you get off the plane into the biggest airport you’ve ever seen, you’re tired and you can’t see straight. You have to figure out where to go but all the signs are in German. You come to a passport checkpoint there are four different lines, somehow you get stuck in the longest one. All the other ones get shorter as they open different lanes but you’re too tired to move lanes. By the time you get through there aren’t any other lines even left. Then you have less than an hour until your plane leaves. There are signs pointing to the B gate but it is nowhere to be found. You wonder in circles until you figure out that you have to go through security again to get to B gate. Then when you get to your gate, you are ushered into a bus (just in time) which takes you for a long ride out to where lot’s of planes are parked. And then you load the plane to Italy. Yup. That’s what it was like. Luckily no baggage was lost and all went smooth. (Except somewhere along the way we lost Jonah’s fleece…no idea when.) Flying over the Alps was my favorite part…Gorgeous, simply amazing.

We are attempting to stay awake until bedtime tonight and it is not proving to be easy. I think we are going to go for a walk now and find some food.

It feels very tropical here, humid and very green. Really nice day. Nice change from the snow in Utah/Idaho this past few weeks. We haven’t seen much yet.

Julie: I found those things that I thought I left at your house.
Mom: I left a pair of Jonah’s pants in your dryer, just keep them until you send a package sometime, no rush, it’s hot here, we’re in shorts!


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