If you need to send us mail address it as follows:

SPC Nicholas Lloyd
CMR 427 Box 3949
APO, AE 09630

As far as I understand you will get US rates because it is an APO.

So far we have still just been on base. This base is much more “army” than Fort Meade was. There is a large infantry unit here. Which means lot’s of single soldiers in the barracks, and there’s just a different feel to it. It is an Italian base here that we are occupying (We are not allowed to build bases in Italy, but the terms of Italy’s surrender in WWII allow us to occupy their bases). It’s called Caserma Ederle (ed-er-lee). When you come through the gate their are Italian soldiers that check your ID. It is a small base, but they have a lot of stuff, Px and Commissary, movie theater and outdoor rec center, a brand new medical clinic.

Nick checked in with his new unit today (DMA Vicenza) and will begin in processing on Monday. It sounds like he will be traveling some with his job but not too terribly much.

We gotta figure out what to do for the weekend!

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