Venizia (aka Venice)

If you ever want to spend a day completely lost, Venice is the place to be. We spent pretty much all day Saturday wandering the streets, taking in the beautiful sights and not knowing at any point where the heck we were. The streets were narrow and every once in awhile they’d open up to some big square and we could figure out where we were. We did make it all the way to the opposite side of town where San Marco square is (the big fancy Byzantine church), and then considered taking a water taxi back up the Grand Canal but decided that since we walked there we could walk back. Definitely wish we would have just taken the taxi. We made several circles before finding our way, completely exhausted, back to the train station. Train tickets are still a little bit confusing for us, but we’re figuring things out. (there was a 60% chance of rain that day so we didn’t bring the “nice” camera, that’s why the pictures aren’t as amazing this time…even though there never was a single drop of rain!)

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  1. Nothing could be nicer than roaming the streets of Venice! What a treat. It is all so charming. You all look great! I've got to agree that Jonah's face is a riot! (Julie)

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