Lucca, Italy

Pictures do not do this town justice. Plus we didn’t seem to take many pictures there, probably because we were too busy enjoying the loveliness of it. Lucca is a walled city and is not very touristy at all, which makes it oh so nice. When we arrived on Sunday they were having their monthly antique market and it was amazing. Further along we found a regular market and they had some of the best Venetian scarves I have seen anywhere…looove scarves.

Big city gate

The walls of the city are so big that there is a path on top of them that you can ride your bike on or just wander around with a great view of the city.

Path on top of city walls

There seemed to be A LOT of churches in Lucca, so pretty. There was also a cool spot that you could go to that used to be a Roman arena but they built houses over it, so when you walk into the square it’s in an oval shape like a roman arena.

At the market we found a twenties style felt hat and Nick said that I absolutely had to have it and he proceeded to buy it for me. Then we found the most adorable pink bike as we were walking (have I told you how much I LOOOOOOVE the antique bikes all over Italy? They are impossibly hard to find for purchase…but everyone seems to have them) and we had to take a picture with it.

Lovely Lucca. I will definitely be back there again. It had a very local and authentic feel to it.

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