Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre is a string of five villages on the cliffs next to the ocean in Tuscany. There are hiking trails connecting each of the villages and also a train you can take. Overall I felt it was a beautiful disappointment. I have been looking forward to going here for quite some time. I had no idea it was a HUGE tourist destination. There were so many tourists there it really took away from the environment. Especially since most of them were speaking english…I know that sounds weird but American tourists really bug me. They are loud and annoying. Maybe I am too…but I guess I prefer to be the only one 🙂

The “walk of love” between the first two villages

Don’t get me wrong. It was amazingly beautiful. But it was the kind of place that you expect to be deserted and more remote. I know the locals like to say that it deserves a quiet kind of respect that it has not received since being “discovered”.

The houses are built right into, on and around the rock. I wondered if some of them even have the natural rock as part of their walls inside.

Vacations are a but rough on the little man of our family. He doesn’t get naps and there’s always a lot to take in. We try to do things that he enjoys, like stop at every playground we see and eat lot’s of gelato. But by the end of this, our 5th day of vacation Jonah was getting a bit burnt out.

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