Girl’s weekend!!!!

When I heard about the Perugia Chocolate festival (supposedly the biggest one in Europe) I decided to plan a girls weekend! I wasn’t sure it was going to happen but then at the last minute everything came together. Me and three lovely ladies drove 4 hours south and enjoyed lot’s of CHOCOLATE!

Yes, it’s real

Chocolate shavings for chocolate kebaps

Yetti dude…something to do with Philadelphia cream cheeses new chocolate flavor advertising

Perugia was up on top of a mountain so we had to take a “mini metro” to get up there. It was so beautiful on top, even if it was freeeezing cold (at least the chocolate wasn’t melting!).

We then spent the night in a lovely little farmhouse near Assisi owned by a wonderfully kind Italian man named Marcello. In the morning we explored Assisi, (as in Francis of…) it is a beautiful city! Complete with lot’s of churches, two castles and even a roman tunnel leading into the parking garage where we parked (my guess is they found it when they built the parking garage, lol).

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