Lago di Garda

We drove up to Lake Garda, intending to ride the gondola to the top of Monte Baldo, see the view and hike around a bit. When we got there there was a sign that said they were closed for repairs until December. Of course there was nothing on their website about this. Oh well, such is Italy. So we decided to go back to a little castle we had passed on the way and check it out. It was in Torri Del Benaco and it was only a few euro to enter the 1383 Scaliger Castle. My favorite part was the Lemon grove, one of the oldest in existence (started in 1753) and still tended to using the old methods. They were setting up for a wedding in the grove, it was beautiful!

Torri Del Benaco was adorable. You can see the cute little port with the sailboats in it, and the beautiful colors of the town. It was fun to just wander the streets and walk along the lake front.

An old Olive press

Jonah is getting too smart. While we were walking around Torri I told him he had to hold someone’s hand. So he gave me a defiant look and grabbed his own hand and said “I got it Mom”. I couldn’t stop laughing, too funny. He now does this on a regular basis and truly believes that it is a great solution…I do not agree as he is very bad at keeping himself out of trouble and traffic.

We still had a little time to spare so we drove to a medieval town just a little further around the lake that had some neat walls. We wandered around a bit, there was a market going on and we bought some yummy local olive oil. The whole area was covered in olive groves and as we drove around you could see lot’s of people up in the trees picking the olives.

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