Our last big trip before the baby. Paris. So lovely. Even at seven months pregnant and dragging around a toddler. Probably one of our favorite places so far. Everything was very expensive so in order to cut costs we used an apartment rental website (our second time doing this, the first being in Barcelona). For half the price of a cheap hotel room we got a decently located very small but fully equipped apartment that made us feel like true locals.

Luxembourg garden has a huge playground you can pay a few Euro to get into. Jonah, of course, loved it.

We headed straight for the iconic eiffel tower, our first day there. we were hoping to catch the sunset from the top but by the time we made it through all the long lines (buying tickets, riding one elevator, then another) it was dark. But still very beautiful views of the city.

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    1. Yeah it was very furnished and lived in. I think the girl that lived there went to stay with a friend or something. The place we got in Barcelona was just a vacation rental. This one in Paris was really somebody’s place.

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