Versailles: THE palace.

Apparently if there is one palace to see in Europe, Versailles is the one. Good ole’ King Louis went a bit overboard. This palace is simply incredible. It was fun to see but then when you stop and think about it, it does make you a little sick. They said that the cost of building the palace was the GDP of France for one year. Why not spend all of your country’s money for a year making yourself the biggest possible estate? Makes sense right? I just loved the gardens, they were huuuuge and so beautiful.

The palace had it’s own chapel (below).

Nick and Jonah hanging out in the hall of mirrors where the treaty of Versailles was signed. These mirrors were a big deal back in the day, mirrors of that size were pricey, and this is a whole hallway of them.

There was some random modern art around the palace such as this high heel shoe made out of pots and lids.

Below is Marie Antoinette’s peasant house. She wanted an escape from the pressures of the palace so in the far corner of the GINORMOUS grounds of the palace they made her own little ideal peasant village complete with a working farm. This is her peasant house. Not so peasantly. Nick says I can have a house like this and my own peasant village if I plan to get beheaded.


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  1. So, I haven’t visited your blog in awhile, I confess. I got to catch up today though, and all I can say is: I want your life!!! Thanks for doing all the adventuring so I can live vicariously. 🙂

    1. Abby! Come visit and share in a few adventures! I still read your blog…I should probably comment more. Sorry, I’m a silent stalker 😉 Kauai looked amazing, made me miss Hawaii and uyo

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