5: Galway, Ireland and sugary lamb fries

We made our way to our furthest north destination, Galway. (If I could do it again I would not have driven this far, south west Ireland could take up weeks and still be lovely). Our trip in Ireland included a lot of driving, and thus a lot of time in the car to talk, sing, cry, scream, laugh and watch sheep go by in the window. We had several discussions about all the cute little baby lambs dotting the countryside. Nick would say “yum” and I would get mad. Jonah at first was on my side, but on the drive to Galway he swithced sides. He said that if we made fries out of them it wouldn’t be sad to eat them. Especially if we put sugar on them, “then it would be nice Mom!” Sugary lamb fries. He might be on to something. Also on the way to Galway Jonah figured out how to whistle, thank goodness not very loudly.

Galway was a lovely small city, but we didn’t have much time there before having to turn back around and head south so we could make our way back.

Ireland-59 Ireland-57 Ireland-58Just outside of Galway we stopped in a little craft village called Skibbereen where Jonah had a total melt down and yelled at a complete stranger. He was laying on the ground throwing a fit about something and a lady walked up and said “are you tired?” to which he responded “NO I”M NOT TIRED! SHE THINKS I”M TIRED!” I really should start a blog of “toddler travel melt downs” because we have had our fair share.

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