6: Kissing the Blarney & the Rock of Cashel

I am sure most of you have heard of the grand tourist attraction: the Blarney castle, and it’s famous stone that everyone must kiss in order to gain the gift of gab. What I didn’t realize about the blarney stone though is that it is really high up. For some reason I always thought it was at the base of the castle, close to the ground. BUt it’s a ways up there and you have to hang your body out there to kiss it. Granted, it’s pretty safe these days with all the iron bars and the grumpy old man that holds on to you.






The Rock of Cashel was Nick’s favorite stop on our trip. The oldest part of the castle isa tower built in 1100, un-mortared stones placed perfectly together like a puzzle. This castle is on a hill that can see far and wide in all directions and was easy to defend.




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