7: Kinsale to Mizer point

On our last day in Ireland we started in Kinsale (at a reeeeally nice B&B), and made our way down the coast to Mizer point. It was beautiful but all of the little picturesque villages were closed as it was Sunday, so that was a little disappointing. We found “Dec’s diner” in Skibbereen. The train museum in Skibbereen was open, but not as cool as it sounded. We saw a random sign for an “open farm” so we followed it off the main road, on a crazy little dirt road to a cute little farm. They charged us a small fee and we got to see all their animals including a brand spanking new baby lamb, adorable goats, ducklings being raised by a chicken who hatched them and we even sampled “goat ice cream”, which was much better than any other goat product I have sampled. We drove out to Mizer point to see the view and then almost ran out of gas as we headed back for the airport to fly on out.
Ireland-74 Ireland-75 Ireland-76 Ireland-79 Ireland-81 Ireland-83Overall we LOVED Ireland. The people were incredibly nice (the first B&B we stayed at, the lady gave Jonah a birthday card with 10 Euro in it because we had said he was almost 4! Crazy!), the country was beautiful. If we could do it again I would drive less (stay in one area, like just the Connemara or Kerry or Kinsale area) and try to interact with more locals.

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