Pompeii and it’s flying penises

Pompeii is one of those mandatory stops in southern Italy. It is crazy to me how they have chipped away at, and un-buried this whole city that is so amazingly well preserved. And they are not even done digging, even after over 200 years of digging. I thought there would be more perfectly preserved and creepy bodies (morbid I know) because that’s what you always see pictures of, but there really weren’t many bodies. Mostly it was a whole city that you could wander around, it would seriously take you all day to walk every street.

I loved stepping stones in the road to keep your feet out of the dirty street water, perfectly sized and placed for the wagons to go over. You could tell how many lanes a road was by how many stepping stones there were. It is crazy to me how far back things like highways, sidewalks and general traffic rules actually go.




In some of the roads you could see very deep wagon ruts. This one you can see the ruts abruptly end, which tells you that they were in the process of replacing the stones on this road. Along the roads were shops and then behind and above the shops the people who owned them would live. 101_0332

What good roman town doesn’t have an arena? 101_0356


Here’s something you may not know, Romans considered penises with wings to be a symbol of good luck. They are all over Pompeii.


Here we have a bread store, complete with wheat grinders and an oven.

101_0347Who knew the floor in our apartment looks exactly like one in Pompeii? Crazy!

Dancing with the dancing faun, because well, why not?101_0340 101_0338

Dustin ordering him some fresh baby from one of the fast food restaurants in Pompeii. Apparently these people ate out for all their meals. They didn’t have kitchens. I like.101_0328 DSC00970
DSC00989Not only did they not have kitchens in their houses, they also didn’t have baths. So they went to public bathhouses. There were some neat things about the bath houses like a locker room and a ceiling with grooves in it to make the water run down instead of dripping on your head.
DSC00991 DSC00986The infamous bodies were in these rooms with all kinds of stuff piled in baskets on shelves, seemed strange to me. I thought they would be displayed a little differently.




And of course there were some temples to various gods.


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