Riding the Amalfi coast bus

DSC00731 After Rome we made our way down to the Naples area. The highway ends after Naples and the roads are small and clogged from there south. The merging of 4 lanes into one lane at the end of the highway was seriously nuts (see the above photo and you can feel my stress). It took us several hours to complete what should have been the last hour of our drive. But we made it to Sorrento, just north of the infamous Amalfi coast. We stayed in another “cabin” there, this time with a little more space (two bedrooms, a tiny kitchen and porch with a gorgeous view). The campground even had a “beach”…a rocky beach that you had to hike down a steep hill about a mile to get to. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA DSC00961DSC00804

I did not want to drive the crazy Amalfi coast so we took the bus…and even that was a little crazy. Just imagine…really skinny roads, with the cliff’s edge on one side and a house or mountainside on the other. Add to that the size of a bus and just imagine what happens when two buses meet. It was crazy. And beautiful. But crazy. Here we are waiting for the bus…Dustin’s toes are in serious danger of getting run over. We jumped on the bus and spent our day exploring the towns of the Amalfi coast.   DSC00734 Southern Italy is full of lemon groves. There are two types of lemons here…normal and monstrous. This one was as big as Declan’s head.

DSC00788 DSC00784 Declan loved the lemon granita. Don’t let his face fool you. DSC00781 They had these funny little village scenes everywhere. This was the biggest one we saw, in this fountain. It even had a moving waterwheel. DSC00779 DSC00761 DSC00752 DSC00735When we got back to Sorrento we discovered this crazy house way down in a ravine. Pretty sure I’ve seen pictures of it on pinterest before. Then we found a DELICIOUS restaurant. (Nicole got royalty treatment after they brought her the wrong thing. While she waited for the right dish they brought fresh mozzarella and prosciutto…to die for.) Then we waited for the bus to go back to our accommodation. And we waited. And waited. And the bus never came. Then when there were enough people waiting to start a good riot, we all jumped out in front of the next bus (not the right one) and crammed ourselves into it and made it back, exhausted. Italians have a saying “Viene quando viene”. It means “It comes when it comes”, in other words don’t even look at the schedule (bus, train or other), especially when you are in Southern Italy.DSC00830 DSC00813

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