Febraury happening

In February I decided to go have the top half of my hair dyed blonde and chop it all off. This was my first time venturing out to an Italian hair dresser (I had used an Italian on base once and it was not a good experience. I used another American spouse once and it was the best haircut I ever had). It was a very nice brother and sister who have a hair shop here in Creazzo and came highly recommended. I have never had my hair professionally colored so I did not really know what to expect but I did think she would show me color samples to choose, especially with the language barrier. She did not however. She chose the color for me and it is very…orangey. He cut it and pretty much refused to put layers in it. I went back the next day and asked for more layers and he made a few tiny snips. Sooo…not my favorite hair ever. But I paid money for it so I’m gonna wear it for awhile and see if it grows on me.

We love going for bike rides. Typically this is how I bring Jonah to school. Sometimes he bikes, but it has been a little cold so they like to snuggle in. We get a lot of stares. Italians don’t use these things and they love to stop and ask me about where I got it.

IMG_20140209_180452 IMG_20140210_154726

Nick being silly at work with his bike leggings and ┬áhis suit. That’s just how they roll over at AFN.

IMG_20140213_153451 IMG_20140214_183312 IMG_20140215_133156

While I was gone on my girls trip to France, Declan became obsessed with the oven mitt. And took it everywhere with him. This is the little park outside our building. The kids love playing there.

IMG_20140217_133527 IMG_20140217_134154 IMG_20140217_134417 IMG_20140221_154430 IMG_20140221_154622

This is the trail that pretty much goes from our house to Jonah’s school. With a view of the Romeo and Juliet castle the whole way. Just lovely.

IMG_20140221_155332 IMG_20140222_092743

We went to the little arcade in the mall and they had a mini bowling alley.

IMG_20140222_132600 IMG_20140222_194358

Nick and I celebrated our anniversary at a local restaurant we’d been wanting to try.


This is my favorite vegetable ever. It is gorgeous and delicious. It’s called broccoli romano. But it’s more like a cauliflower.


Jonah dressed up as a ghost for Carnevale. He also dressed up on Halloween but upon arriving at school and seeing no one dressed up he took off his costume. So he was excited that there was a holiday that the other kids would dress up at school for.


The parents and teachers at Jonah’s school put on a really funny snow white play for the kids. It was pretty entertaining.


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