Day to day in March

In March I finished up teaching violin lessons (which I had been doing for over a year at this point) by holding a small concert for my students. They did fantastic and it was a fun way to say goodbye. (Oh and you will also notice I had my hair dyed red, I could not stand the blonde anymore, it matches my violin!)
DSCN4853 DSCN4854

I took a cooking class at Aeolias so that I could learn to make Nick’s all time favorite, pear faggotini. It was a 4 class course and I learned several other dishes as well. Never hurts to take more cooking classes! I’m not even sure how many classes I have taken here in Italy, I love taking cooking classes. Now if I can just replicate what they show me…I’ll be set!

IMG_20140313_184333 IMG_20140313_200501 IMG_20140313_202116

This is sort of like creme brulee but it is served cold and has a hint of orange flavor. It is crema catalana.



We took one last trip to Verona, Nick’s favorite city.

IMG_20140315_133815 IMG_20140315_133840 IMG_20140315_134413 IMG_20140315_135254

Found a broken down old sports car that looked like it had been in this garage forever. Really strange.

IMG_20140315_142539 IMG_20140315_144243 IMG_20140315_144525 IMG_20140315_144731

We fell in love with this antique table at a market and decided it needed to come home with us.

Nick’s unit did a good bye lunch for him.

Went to a movie on post and Daddy was in the previews. It will be weird for the kids to not see Dad on TV anymore when we leave.


Took a photo to remind ourselves how much gas costs here. Almost 70 Euro for a full tank, that’s nearly 100 dollars! And Americans complain about the cost of gas…

IMG_20140323_122702 IMG_20140323_184828

The kids have loved watching the construction in our back yard.


Nick went to Garmisch, Germany and got to do a German weapons training and earned a German “shootsen schneer”,  I am sure that is not how you spell it. But it was a fun experience for him to get to try out some German weapons.

IMG_20140329_154846 IMG_20140329_160223

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